Pack Goat Adventures

cropped-cropped-packgoats1.jpgThis is our first season offering adventures with goats to the general public!  Goats are natural adventurers and foragers, making them great companions in the wilderness.  They are good with people, albeit stubborn when food is involved, and give a general sense of joy when combined with hiking and backpacking.

We are offering goat hiking adventures, where you can come on a trail hike with 2-6 goats.  We have a variety of trails available at different lengths and accessibility, depending on what’s comfortable to you.  The added benefit of having a goat carry your supplies makes hiking even more accessible to people of varying disabilities.

Overnight camping adventures are a new offering that is available!  Our goats are great car campers, and even better at making a backpacking trip more posh for those who like to see the backcountry without sacrificing the comforts of home.  Please see our Facebook page for upcoming events of hiking or camping with goats or contact us to learn about a custom event just for you!

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